In-Vitro Fertilization is one of the major forms of treatment which is often opted when other assisted methods of reproduction is failed. Under this procedure, the egg cells are fertilised using sperms outside the womb. Once embryo is produced, it is then put into the womb for further development.

What is vitro and how does the treatment follows?
A biological procedure undertaken outside an organism is termed as vitro. It was way back in the year 1976 when first successful IVF was performed. With time technology has advanced tremendously and professionals has become capable of delivering couples with happiness and parenthood.

IVF treatment

Common procedures which are chosen for IVF treatment includes the following;

  • Simulation of ovary
  • Retrieval of egg and sperm from the patient such that it can be used for further processing.
  • Fertilization of eggs using sperms
  • Transfer of embryo back to the patient’s uterus.

The whole process requires both the professional and patient to maintain calm and ease. There are chances that IVF does not comes out to be successful in one go, hence it is essential to choose the most learned and knowledgeable professional in town.

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