Intra-Uterine Insemination (IUI) is a form of simple fertility treatment which is provided to ladies suffering from infertility. The whole process involves transferring of washed semen directly into uterus of women by making use of a thin catheter. There are various reasons owing to which an individual is recommended IUI out of which some of them have been stated below.

Why is IUI suggested?

If health care professionals wants to opt for a treatment which is above use of fertility drugs this is probably the right method to resort on to. Moreover, it involves a less amount of cost hence can be enabled by people with much ease and convenience. Often individuals who are not competent to bear high costs, IUI is suggested to them. Even though the cost of treatment is comparatively less, one would be amazed to know that results are still outstanding and life changing for the suffering patients.

About IUI Procedure

Even though the procedure is simple to apply on patients, still it needs the skills of a professional to carry it off smoothly. Following steps are followed for the treatment;

  1. The complete process is carried out at a fertility clinic. The sperm of the husband or (sperm donor) has to be first contacted, his sperm is then thawed and prepared for insertion.
  2. Once sperm is washed, a catheter i.e. small thin tube is placed in the cervix of the patient. A little bit of cramping might be felt during insertion.
  3. Once washed semen is transferred catheter is removed and we are done.

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