It’s not always that planning will lead to conception. There are so many individuals and couple who try for years and fail to conceive successfully, perhaps due to certain minor disorder. Fortunately for people experiencing infertility issues, the MHRT IUI treatment center in Hyderabad provides innovative and effective treatments for infertility that can help make family-building a possibility for such couples and individuals


Intra-uterine Insemination (IUI) is often considered as a first-line fertility treatment for couples and individuals who wish to bear a child. It is one of the safest office fertility procedures that one can consider before going for IVF.

IUI treatment relies on the ability of sperm to naturally fertilize an egg within the fallopian tube. There are studies that suggests that IUI treatment may not be very effective in situations where there is a male factor infertility with abnormal semen analysis. Therefore, a semen analysis at the IUI treatment center in Hyderabad will be able to confirm if the male partner’s sperm health is optimal.

Overall, an IUI procedure at the best IUI center in MHRT Hyderabad will take just about a few minutes, it will require no anesthesia, and is quite similar to pap smears. It’s a simple and quick path for the specially-prepared sperm sample to enter the female partner’s uterus through a small catheter. When the procedure would be done depends on the female- partner’s ovulation to achieve best chances of successful pregnancy.


At MHRT Fertility Center in Hyderabad, the goal of IUI treatment is to maximize the counts of sperm reaching the fallopian tube, subsequently increasing the chances of fertilization. What IUI essentially does is that is provides sperm with a head start advantage. At the same time, with IUI, the sperm is still required to reach the fallopian tube on its own to fertilize the egg.


You should consider IUI treatment at the best IUI Fertility Center in Hyderabad in following cases:

  • Women with unexplained infertility
  • Mild male-factor infertility
  • Couple/women who need to use donor sperm
  • Women with ovulating problems