Infertility in both men and women is increasing in this stressful world, while most of the procedures are focusing on improving the infertility of women there are also some methods which can be opted for men. One such procedure which can be performed on men is Intracytoplasmic sperm injection. It is quite helpful and helps couple get hold of a new beautiful life. It is an appropriate method to choose, especially in situation when IVF has failed. During the process couple have certain hope of conception. Herein they get the ability to procure fertilized embryos and then conceive a child.

How is the Procedure Performed?

ICSI involves series of procedures as listed down below;

  • Accurate manoeuvres are performed such that one live sperm can be picked and then inserted into the human egg. For the successful execution of this step, inverted microscope and ultrasound equipment is used. It helps in effectively choosing the sperm and inserting it into egg using needle.
  • During the process female is required to take fertility drugs such that ovaries can be simulated successfully and matured eggs can be produced.
  • Once eggs become mature they are extracted through the vagina.

How has intracytoplasmic sperm injection helped?
ICSI has helped people in many ways out of which some has been listed below;

  • Barriers of in fertilization has been overcome successfully.
  • Couples have got the divine opportunity of conceiving a child and starting up their new life.
  • People have got rid of societal pressure of being infertile. By choosing this method or other methods one can experience the bliss of parenthood.

ICSI has proven to be blessing in disguise for all the couples around the world who have been craving for baby since long. However to make sure that chances of success is higher, it is advisable to choose best health centre in the city. MHRT Hospital is one of the renowned centres in town, that have high end equipment placed for the procedure and also have skilled professionals hired on the job to carry off complete process successfully.