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Making Dreams Come True: The Department of Reproductive Medicine – a Center for Fertility Management (MHRT), is a super specialty center devoted solely to the management of Infertility and related problems. It is headed by Dr. Roya Rozati, one of the pioneers and leading specialists in the field, the facility compares favorably with the best in the world, both in terms of equipment as well as personnel.

At the unit, no effort is spared to identify the specific course of infertility in each case and ways to overcome it. After group consultation and counseling with the infertility specialist and Reproductive biologist, a suitable programme of intervention is devised and followed through. Management, which includes both diagnosis and treatment based on sound scientific principles, is conducted with close attention paid to the individual requirement of the couple.

A Committed Team: Vastly experienced in the management of infertility, the faculty comprises of Doctors and Scientists who have been part of the IVF team that successfully pioneered the birth of many test tube babies in the United Kingdom.

To ensure that knowledge, skills and techniques always remain contemporary, constant interaction and close association is maintained with the Assisted Conception Unit of the world-renowned Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Cambridge, London, U.K.

  • Scientific Faculty : Dr. Anne Hassan, Ph.D.Assisted Conception Unit : Dr. Anne Hassan, Ph.D.
  • Lab Director : Mr. Praveen Shinde, Mr. Gopinath
  • Lab Personnel : Mrs. Kalyani Manga, MS Sony, Ms. Asma, Ms. Mouli
  • Research Scholars : Dr. Maybeth Jamieson, Sr. Embryologist, Glasgow Royal Infirmary, UK Dr. Nasr, Ph.D. Cambridge, London UK

Advice That Matters: Patient Counselling is one of the most integral functions of the Department. It serves in reassuring them and boosting their morale while offering all the necessary psychological support they need. It provides information about the nature of the procedures, their chances of success and how they are being channelised into the appropriate and effective treatment.

In Search of Answers: In striving for excellence and perfection, the department has emerged as one of the foremost centers for research in the field of reproductive Biology. The efforts are focused on the areas of Molecular Biology, reproductive Endocrinology, Reproductive Toxicology and Reproductive Microbiology.

To stay abreast with groundbreaking trends in therapy and research, the Unit function in close collaboration with Glasgow Royal Infirmary, UK and has a vast library of the latest issues of authoritative international journals.

About Us

MHRT is an infertility clinic based in Hyderabad and has strived to maintain its position as one among the best IVF center in Hyderabad.

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