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At MHRT Hospital, Hyderabad, we provide more than just cutting-edge embryo science and innovative fertility treatments. We diagnose and we instill hope. At MHRT, we offer years of experience, expert advice, and a proven track record of high success rates for infertility patients. Our team of specialist gynecologist and fertility doctor lend you support and solutions to your fertility issues when you need it the most. We are the best fertility center in Hyderabad and we offer so much more.

MHRT Hospital was founded by Roya Rozati, on a philosophy that successful fertility outcomes can be achieved only through comprehensive care. Groundbreaking technologies matter at fertility centers. Access to your clinical team and infertility specialist matters. Proper guidance and support matters. Laboratory, IVF, and infertility science matters. The fertility doctors coming up to proper diagnosis that too swiftly, especially in complicated cases, matters. At MHRT Fertility Hospital Hyderabad, all of this matter, because you matter to us.

Collectively and individually, the best infertility specialist and top gynecologist at our fertility center in Hyderabad, along with the clinical team, weave each and every key aspect related to your fertility treatment into your treatment plan and daily care.

At MHRT fertility center in Hyderabad, we believe that every infertility patient is unique and each individual or couple’s infertility is affected by a unique set of factors. A famous gynecologist, associated with MHRT fertility hospital in Hyderabad, believes that each couple or individual’s decisions regarding fertility treatment, too, is affected by different factors. Our team includes the best gynecologist and infertility specialist, who take on each infertility case with a unique approach. Being one of the best fertility centers in Hyderabad, it is our priority to assess your unique needs in an accurate manner and thereby apply effective services and offer perfectly-suited fertility treatment plan that works best for you.

About Us

MHRT is an infertility clinic based in Hyderabad and has strived to maintain its position as one among the best IVF center in Hyderabad.

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